Commie​-​LoveSongs From The Machinik Unconscious [2012]


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STRUGGLE AT THE SNUGGLE FACTORY: "Commie-LoveSongs From The Machinik Unconscious" [2012] DLD012

Sixth album from this solo project of Portland Oregon's Demian Rufus. To the usual mix of analog synth, keyboard, drums, and vo-kills, are added some distortion pedal and rhythm synthesizer, so the satsf sound has mutated a bit in its direction. There are two actual commie- lovesongs on the album in the form of wild calls out unto solidarity ala "Hey, I Would Fight For You!" and "A Pagan-Folk Faeire-Tale". A blackwave ambient setting for two chapters adapted from Uli Lommel's film "Son of Sam" in the form "Towards a Collective Melancholia". Also a slightly military autonomist-marxist-electronic setting, backgrounding some Yukio Mishima recording documents super-imposed over which Demian Rufus sings out of a recent uprising text by Franco "Bifo" Berardi. Also is an autonomist-marxist-blackwave ambient adaptation of a post-structural recombinative solidarity text from 1482 by Mirandolla which was also cited in a recent Berardi text. There is a cover of "Motherad" from The Cassandra Complex's first album in 1986, [Grenade]. And a slightly coldwave/minimal synth adaptation of the "8 principles" found within the recent translation of Felix Guattari's important 1979 post-structuralist text on schizoanalysis, "The Machinic Unconscious". So the intense yet indeterminately compiled conceptual template [i.e. the original autonomist-marxist-lovesongs , the text and film adaptations, the cover-song format, all merging through the broader, active, and actual close reading process and method of intellectual texts] is elaborated once again as Demian Rufus' own form of autonomia, solidarity, compositionism…


released February 14, 2013

recorded by Demian Rufus in Portland Oregon in 2012
post-mixing and mastering by Rob Oberdorfer, 2012



all rights reserved
Track Name: discourse on human dignity part 1 [Mirandola, 1486]
written by Pico della Mirandolla from "discourse on human dignity" written in 1486
Track Name: No Accumulation, Acquisition, Competition, Possession!
by Franco Bifo Berardi, 2009
Track Name: Motherad [orig. by The Cassandra Complex, 1986]
by The cassandra Complex from their first album, "Grenade".
Track Name: 8 Principles from the Machinik Unconscious
by Felix Guattari from his 1979 book, "The Machinc Unconscious: essays in schizoanalysis" translated into English and published by Semiotext[e], 2009